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Have you had a good night?

Under high stresses, sleep disorders, partner’s snoring, and uncomfortable bedding may distract your most precious time for tonight and tomorrow. According to the Philips’ sleep survey (2015), 83% of individuals try different ways to improve their sleep quality finer. ZEREMA is a game changer in the sleep aids market, and you will also find it as a life-saver.

Now, you may ponder what ZEREMA is capable of.


it automatically adjusts the best height for you.

Patented fabric sensor and pressure sensors operate upon the different value of your head pressure. Once you lie down on it, sensors detect right level to keep your cervical vertebral as the ‘C shape’ curve which is the best position of the healthy neck. Air pockets inside the pillow operate to fit the level, even if you turn on your side. You can re-adjust the levels over and over again!


it prevents your snoring.

Our special algorithm detects snoring accurately and billows the air pocket under your neck to expand airways. By widening airways, the cause of vibration which is the main factor of snoring stops and the pillow returns to the level where it was for your keen sleep.  Other than waking up your partner, snoring is quite a problem because it connects to sleep apnea afterward. Unlike the other stop-snoring pillows, ZEREMA catches the snoring sound of yours and reacts solely to you. Also, you will not even notice that your head has moved.


it is very own professional secretary.

Extraordinary application connected to the ZEREMA monitors your sleep overnight and report to you in the morning with slumber score. You can check how was your sleep intuitively as well as your snoring sound, other noises occurred, a number of sleep apnea, sleep hours, toss and turn, and temperature and humidity of your bed. Magnificent function of the application is that it wakes you up with the alarm is linked to the pillow and notifies you any sort of smartphone messages or call crucial to you checking urgently.


ㆍ Size : 50(W) × 30(L) × 15(H) ㎝

ㆍ Connection : Bluetooth

Charging : USB cable 2.0

Fully charged : lasts 30 days

Product noise : below 30db

Electromagnetic wave

: 0.05% of cell phone(approx.)

Pressure range : Up to 100N, Avr. 8kg